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MELLOW GREIP Laundry conditioner 2L

Price: 14.50 EUR

RANGE OF USAGE: Concentrated rinse aid for laundry with antistatic and impregnate effects.


  • Economical;
  • gives softness to linen;
  • promotes the renewal of colors;
  • makes the linen feel smooth and silky;
  • has an antistatic effect;
  • suitable for all types of fabric;
  • imparts impregnating properties to the fabric (water-repellent effect);
  • promotes quick drying of laundry;
  • gives the linen a light smell of Grapefruit;
  • does not contain quats;
  • does not contain optical brighteners;
  • does not contain silicones.

DOSAGE: Concentrate.

INSTUCTIONS FOR USAGE: Concentrated rinse aid for laundry with antistatic and impregnant effects. Gives softness to textiles, preserves and renews colors. Average consumption of products: 1 cup (15 ml) per wash cycle. Usage: dispense 1 stopper (15 ml) of rinse aid into the rinse aid compartment of the washing machine. 1L=66 wash cycle.

pH 4

COMPOSITION: 5 - 15% cationic surfactants, perfume.

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