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Continental Bed With Electric Adjustment green Loco 35

Price: 1095.00 EUR
Mattress sizes:

The adjustable electric bed allows you to control the comfort of your rest, ensuring a great night's sleep

It features a motorized adjustable frame, allowing the user to easily adjust the footrest and head parts individually or together

For changing the orientation of the continental bed, there's no need to get up, as the kit includes two remote controls – one on the left and one on the right, for each person

In the case of a single bed, one remote control is included to control the bed's movements

The bed has 2 main mattresses: a Bonnell and a pocket mattress, plus a topper mattress

The main mattresses provide the highest comfort and coziness that a continental bed can offer

The Bonnell mattress is the most traditional type of spring mattress, known for its durability and even support for the body

The second mattress, the pocket mattress, has independently functioning pocket springs, offering less disturbance with movement and pressure transfer

The topper mattress serves as excellent protection against dirt or damage to the main mattresses, providing additional softness, support, and comfort during sleep, ultimately extending the life of the main mattress

The topper mattress of the continental bed is covered with a removable silk cover that can be machine washed

Sleepeng area : 90x200, 140 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200

Height of product: 130 cm

Seat Height: 68 cm

Width : 108/158/178/198 cm

Depth of product: 217 cm

Legs height: 6 cm

Upholstered back: yes

Availability : on Order

Delievery time : 3-5 weeks

NB! Various fabrics and colors can be ordered

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