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ACIDIC CLEANER Antistatic 0,5L

Price: 4.50 EUR

RANGE OF USAGE: For removing rust, lime scale, urine scale and mineral deposits from stone, ceramic tile, porcelain and steel surfaces. Also for cleaning untreated wood surfaces, for example sauna benches.


  • Economical;
  • has the EU eco-labeling ECOLABEL;
  • removes not pleasant smells;
  • removes rust;
  • removes urinary stone;
  • removes calcareous deposits;
  • removes fat and oil contamination;
  • suitable for soft metals;
  • suitable for chromium;
  • gives antistatic effect;
  • easily biodegradable;
  • surfactants included in it from renewable raw materials;
  • does not contain components of animal origin;
  • does not contain phosphorus;
  • does not contain acrylates.

DOSAGE: Concentrate.

INSTUCTIONS FOR USAGE: 20ml (4 teaspoonful) -50 ml (10 teaspoonful)/ 1 l cool water. water. Apply on the surface, allow to work for 5-15 min, lightly rub with brush, rinse with plenty of water. Use non-diluted cleaner for tough deposits. Follow the recommended dosage at the lowest temperature to minimise energy and water use, and water pollution. Do not use on painted, waxed or enamel surfaces.

The pH of the product 2,1

COMPOSITION: <5% nonionic surfactants, <5% cationic surfactants.

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